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Our Core.
Your Identity.

Our core is crafting the comfort that defines your identity, supporting the lifestyle your brand leads and loves. It's where your pursuit of effortless style meets our passion for premium coziness.

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What Makes Us Different

Sportiqe stands apart not just in what we create, but in how we connect with you, our partners. We offer a level of custom design and client support that transforms ordinary apparel into extraordinary experiences. Our team's collaborative spirit means your vision becomes our blueprint, ensuring every detail reflects your brand's essence.

Trusted by iconic brands like Nintendo, the NBA, Grand Ole Opry, Wynn, and Gibson, our design services don't just set trends—they start conversations. When you partner with Sportiqe, you're choosing a team whose commitment to excellence is recognized by the best in the world.

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Our History

Since 2006, Sportiqe has been more than just a luxury athleisure brand; it's an audacious declaration of comfort and conscious luxury. Co-founded by Jason Franklin & Matt Altman, we saw a need for premium apparel that could keep pace with the movers, the trailblazers, and those with an unwavering desire to 'Roam in Comfort'.

Sportiqe was founded


Sportiqe began its mission to redefine comfort, bridging the gap between sports and fashion in destination retail.

Dave Matthews Band Partnership


In 2006, Sportiqe initiated its inaugural collaboration with the music industry, delivering exceptional comfort and distinctive graphics for the Dave Matthews Band.

Official NBA License


Our collaboration with the NBA firmly established our presence on the global stage, showcasing our dedication to merging athletic prowess with exceptional style.

First Comfy Tee


We introduced our first comfy tee, an iconic symbol of comfort and audacity in apparel.

Sportiqe Office Opened


Our first office in Tempe, Arizona became the center of our creative process, where ideas flourished, and the fusion of style and comfort was a daily endeavor.

Partnership with Nintendo


Uniting with the gaming titan, Nintendo, we bridged the gap between the digital realm and tactile luxury, crafting collections that spoke to generations.

First Olsen Hoodie


The introduction of the Olsen Hoodie was more than a product launch—it was a bold statement of our ethos, encapsulating the thrill of the game with the tranquility of comfort. A testament to our unwavering spirit and dedication, by 2012, we had already delivered a million moments of comfort and style to people worldwide.

Sportiqe.com Launched


Our digital presence was born, inviting the world to join the Sportiqe tribe online,fostering a global community that dared to roam boldly.

NBA Licensee of the Year


Recognition at its finest. In 2019, our commitment and innovation were celebrated as we stood proud, crowned as the NBA Licensee of the Year.

Sportiqe Design and Print Opened


A new chapter began a realm where our design philosophies materialized into tangible masterpieces, showcasing our dedication to detail and artistic excellence for clients worldwide.

Suns Shop in Shop Opened


Creating an immersive experience, our first shop-in-shop echoed the exhilarating energy of the Suns Arena, making every visitor a part of the Sportiqe narrative.

NBA Sales Went Global


Our digital presence was born, inviting the world to join the Sportiqe tribe online, fostering a global community that dared to roam boldly.

Official MLS License


As we embraced Major League Soccer, we celebrated the spirit of the game, promising every football enthusiast a journey of style, luxury, and unmatched comfort.

B Corp Certification Achieved


Sportiqe achieved B Corporation certification, affirming our dedication to people, responsible supply chains, sustainability, and community impact.

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WE Design, Create, and deliver elevated and on-trend custom apparel, each and every time.

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Meet the team

Matt Altman

CEO + Co-Founder

Jason Franklin


Joel Haller

Creative Director

Georgie Shafir

Director of Operations

James Brehmer

Director of Sales
B Corp Certified badge

Sportiqe is b-Corp Certified

Sportiqe is a global premium apparel company. Our overall mission is to help people feel good. We are committed to seamlessly blend style, comfort, and conscious luxury in every piece of essentials we design.

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