Explore our Core Products Collection: a staple selection of high-quality essentials that Sportiqe consistently offers. Featuring timeless designs across tees, hoodies, and pants, each item is crafted with our signature comfort and durability. These core products provide reliable style and functionality for any occasion or season.

The Headwear Collection

Explore our Headwear Collection: an exclusive selection of caps, beanies, and other fun stuff crafted with precision and style. Each piece is designed to combine comfort with a distinctive aesthetic, ensuring your brand stands out. Whether for corporate events, team sports, or everyday wear, our headwear is tailored to elevate your company’s profile and enhance any ensemble.


The Graphics Collection

Discover our Graphics Collection: a curated selection of customizable artwork designed to enhance your brand's unique identity. Our expert art team crafts each graphic with creativity and precision, ensuring your custom apparel resonates with style and distinction. Perfect for promotional wear, team uniforms, or corporate merchandise, our graphics elevate any piece to a work of art that embodies your company's vision.


The Applique Collection

Explore our Appliqué Collection: a versatile array of options including screen printing, embroidery, and more to personalize your apparel. Tailored to enhance your brand's impact, each appliqué technique offers unique textures and styles, ensuring your custom orders stand out. Ideal for creating distinctive corporate wear, team uniforms, or promotional items, our appliqués add a touch of sophistication and lasting quality to every piece.


The Bag Collection

Discover our Bag Collection: an exclusive range designed to pair functionality with style for your custom needs. From durable backpacks to sleek tote bags, each item offers versatile utility and branding opportunities. Perfect for corporate gifts, event giveaways, or team gear, our bags are crafted to carry your brand further with lasting impressions and superior quality.


The SMU Collection

Discover our SMU (Special Make-Up) Collection: a bespoke service tailored to bring your custom design visions to life. This exclusive offering allows you to collaborate closely with our team to create unique, personalized apparel that perfectly captures your brand’s essence. Ideal for distinctive pieces for your fans, event merchandise, or promotional wear, our SMU collection ensures your apparel is as unique as your brand.


Featured Products

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i feel like i'm part of the team each time i wear my sportiqe nba gear.

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i feel like i'm part of the team each time i wear my sportiqe nba gear.

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Who We Are

We’re a collective of comfort connoisseurs and design enthusiasts. United by a mission to elevate everyday apparel, we blend seamless style with unparalleled comfort. We're collaborators at heart, working closely with you to ensure your brand's story is told through high-quality, custom-designed pieces that speak directly to your audience. With a spirit of innovation and a dedication to exceptional service, we’re not just a brand; we are the trusted partners behind the scenes, turning your apparel aspirations into reality.

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